If you’ve been wondering if BUNS wants or needs your help the answer is YES! There are so many different ways to participate which will immediately benefit our abandoned bunnies and guinea pigs. No experience is required to volunteer as we provide on-the-job training for tasks like keeping cages clean and inviting, providing fresh food, water and salad or learning how to handle, groom and socialize rabbits and guinea pigs. 

All ages are welcome! For those under 16 we invite parent/child teams to help out.  If you want to help without getting furry and dirty consider offering your technical, artistic or craftsman skills. We can certainly put them to use to help our homeless furries. 

It’s a great feeling to know that your effort makes life better for the cute, the innocent and the needy bunnies and piggies and is also deeply appreciated by everyone else on the BUNS team!

How to Volunteer

First, read our Volunteer Opportunities page with descriptions of the available volunteer assignments and their requirements, then then fill out our volutneer application form.

For more information please contact us at 805-683-0521, or by email: volunteer@bunssb.org.

Thanks! We hope to meet you at the shelter soon!!!

How you can help

You can volunteer one hour or more a week at the shelter taking care of the stray and abandoned bunnies that are waiting for a home.  Activities can include some of the following: changing the bunnies' water, giving pellets, washing and distributing vegetables, helping with grooming, putting bunnies out to exercise, cleaning litter pans, trays, and bunny cages.  The shelter is a fun place to volunteer, with lots of opportunities to work with and meet other nice bunny lovers.

Regular shelter volunteers can transition to fostering rabbits for BUNS  This entails caring for a bunny in your own home.  Bunnies can go to foster care for a few different reasons such as: overcrowding at the shelter, need for medical care, or the bunny may need some one-on-one attention to help with behavioral training.  All foster parents are provided with a cage, pellets, and hay from BUNS  All medical care is paid for by BUNS  Foster care is a temporary situation.  At BUNS we believe all bunnies should be given every possibility to find a warm and caring home on a permanent basis.

There are many other opportunities to contribute, such as helping shuttle bunnies to and from the vet for spay and neutering, or helping with outreach projects such as Basic Bunny classes or Adoption Events.  We also need volunteers to committ to a weekly veggie run to pick up donated vegetables from local supermarkets.  


Our bunnies love our volunteers. Our bunnies love our volunteers.