Tiny Bunnies News Release


October 17, 2014


SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA—Tiny bunnies are invading Santa Barbara, and they want to come home with you!

Part treasure hunt and part community art project, Tiny Bunnies SB is hopping into town on Saturday October 18, 2014. On that day, more than 200 little knitted bunnies will appear in public spaces all around Santa Barbara and Goleta. People who find bunnies are encouraged to take a picture and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@BUNS_SB) with the hashtag #tinybunniesSB.

Each bunny has been handcrafted and numbered by a friend of B.U.N.S. (Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter), a local nonprofit organization that cares for stray and abandoned rabbits. B.U.N.S. operates out of Santa Barbara County Animal Services at 5743 Overpass Road in Goleta. The rabbit population at the shelter is higher than ever—over 100 wonderful bunnies.

This project was created to raise awareness of the high population and to share the delight that rabbits bring. Rabbits are suitable for indoor or outdoor living and can be trained to use a litter box. They are quiet, gentle and sensitive companions that make a charming addition to almost any home. So keep your eyes open. After all, you never know when a bunny is going to hop into your life!

For more information on B.U.N.S., rabbit adoption, or community events, visit bunssb.org.