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  • www.bunssb.org
  • www.allforanimals.
  • Government Access T.V. Channel 20
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Is Your Bunny Too Big For His Britches?

It's time for Bunny Festival. The one-day a year that bunnies take over the Courthouse Sunken Garden - and you are invited. On September 24 between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. the Sunken Garden will become a paradise for rabbits and the rabbit owned.
Bring your bunny to Spa Bunnè for a full or partial Spa treatment. Nail trimming by B.U.N.S. professionals, massage by Dawn Koncsol, bunny masseuse. Light grooming and ear toner are all available at the Spa Bunnè. Doesn't your bunny deserve a spa treatment? And won't you be proud, having your bunny looking his or her relaxed best as they rest with the other bunnies in the Lagomorph Lounge?
Once your bunny has been fluffed and puffed at Spa Bunnè, what better time for a family


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photo. Take this opportunity to have you and your bunny's photos taken by Lynn Adams. Lynn is a Brooks trained professional photographer who is wonderful with rabbits. You will treasure the photo for years.
Has your  bunny been trying to tell you something? Do you feel that communication has broken down? Connie Adams, Animal Communicator, is the answer to your prayers. Connie is trained in animal communication and specializes in health issues. Bring your bunny and your questions to Connie Adams.
St. Francis Pet Clinic has again given us  Dr. Greg Haskell and Dr. Cynthia Lynn. Both Doctors will be available to answer your bunny health questions. Dr. Lynn will speak on "Early Warning Signs of Illness."

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We can all tell the tale of Peter Rabbit by heart. The cute young bunny that ate too much in Mr. McGreggor's garden, ripped his clothes, and came home with one big stomachache. When bunnies binkie for us, or look up longingly with those big eyes and the cute twitching noses, our first instinct is to feed them a treat. Who can resist seeing a bunny munch down a piece of banana, strawberry, or those bunny treats we bought from the store?  But how much is too much?
Chubby pets are becoming a bigger and bigger problem in this country every year (no pun intended). So what can you do about this potentially life threatening problem?  First, talk to your vet. Find out if your bunny is overweight. (Hint: a vet is going to be available at

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