Join Scolari's Club and Help B.U.N.S.

   Each dollar Scolari's donates to B.U.N.S. will be doubled!
B.U.N.S. volunteer Nancy Britton will match every dollar donated by Scolari's. You can help
B.U.N.S. by enrolling and shopping at Scolari's.
   Scolari's markets are located at 222 North Milpas St. in Santa Barbara and in the Magnolia Shopping Center, 5170 Hollister Avenue in Goleta. The vegetable

section at the Milpas Scolari's has an especially large selection of fresh and well-presented produce. The Magnolia Shopping Center Scolari's has a good selection of fresh vegetables. Both Scolari's have good prices for vegetables; so don't forget to buy lots!!!

Thank You!!!!

Scolari's market is re-enrolling customers in its community donation program. One percent of each sale is donated to a community group - but only if you enroll in Scolari's Club. B.U.N.S. has benefited from this program in the past. To continue these funds you must enroll or re-enroll. Fill out the form on page 4 and return it to your local Scolari's.


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We call the Children's Area the Briar Patch: once they are in you can't get them out! Children can decorate their own rabbit ears, have their face painted, or listen to the story lady! Put a little magic into your child's life with a bunny wand.
Are you looking for rabbit safe toys and supplies? Try Cats and Rabbits and more, Pet Accessories with Style or the BunnyLuv booth in the vendor section. These  vendors bring toys and other products for your bunny. Local craft vendors will also be there with bunny related gifts.
Find a bargain at the  Silent Auction and support B.U.N.S. at the same time. Look for exercise pens, meals, a beautiful bunny rug from Marie Claire, gift certificates to local stores,

and various gift items. Do you have unused items for the silent auction? If so contact Ellen Burns at 964-1345.
For a keepsake, have your bunny's wool spun into a length of yarn by Dorothy Diehl.
If you want a snack, enjoy home baked cookies and a soft drink at the Cottontail Café. Would you like to bake for the Café? Contact Suzanne Ilgun at 696-6981.
Bunny Bowling is back! How many pins can your little bowler knock down? Bunny Croquet is the new event of the Bunny 2000 Olympiad. Enjoy the thrill of the competition! If your little buddy is not an athlete, try the carrot-eating contest. How fast can your bunny down a carrot? There is something for every bunny. Win a Prize!!

Come to Bunny Festival! Meet rabbit owned people. Swap bunny stories with people who really care about their bunnies. Show support for B.U.N.S.!

Help save a life! Have fun!