Volume 5, Issue 4

December 2001

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This note was found tucked in a litter pan at the shelter.


Dear Santa,


Don't get me wrong. All the bunnies are glad to be at the shelter, but it is not the same as having a home especially during the holidays. We don't have any mothers or fathers to make our dreams come true only you. Some of the bunnies say you are not real, but I believe. Please don't forget your shelter bunnies.


Christmas carrots for 40 $ 20.00

Mats and chew baskets for 40 $ 50.00

One spay or neuter $100.00

Sponsor a hutch for a year $250.00

Medical bills for a badly injured rabbit $500.00

A loving home Priceless

A volunteer to love us Priceless


Your Friends,

Ernst and Whimsey


P.S. Some peanuts and bananas would be nice too.

P.P.S. We have been really good this year.

Bunny Proofing for the Holidays

Just like a cat, dog, or small child, your rabbit will think the Christmas tree is in the house purely for his pleasure. Here are a few tips on how to bunny proof your holiday decorations. The easiest way to do this is the most obvious keep anything you do not want your bunny to get out of reach or quartered off.

· Often it is nice to include our pets in our celebrations, but keep in mind you may want to set up a little fence or show pen around an area or objects (presents or tree) you do not want your bunny around.

You can decorate it nicely with bows so it does not stand out as much.

· Make sure to use cord protectors around any electrical cords that may be within your bunny's reach.

· Tree tips: Avoid tinsel or popcorn strings within your rabbit's reach. Both can cause serious GI problems if ingested. Make sure the tree has not been treated/flocked, and don't use chemicals in the tree water. You don't want your bunny sipping the water. Also, avoid hanging lights or ornaments on the lower branches.

· You may want to provide other distractions

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News Briefs

September 11th

BUNS extends our thoughts and prayers to all of you, our extended family, in regard to the tragedies of September 11th. We hope that none of you were directly affected by this or the subsequent events.

During this special time of year when we are with our families, including the furry members, we realize the importantance of the small things in daily life. We wish you all a very blessed holiday season, and a new year full of peace and joy.



Shelter Updates

The shelter has been a continuously busy hive. There have been a few improvements, such as some new permanent bunny runs, and a new shade structure. We are continuing to run at near capacity, with many bunnies in foster care.

We are still in desperate need for volunteers during the weekday hours. Special needs are Monday from 11am to 1pm; Wednesday 9am to 12pm; Friday 9am to 1pm. Please let Darcy Freegard, our volunteer coordinator, know if you may be able to help at 968-5077.



Website Updates

There has not been much new to adoptable bunny pictures. We are in great need of volunteers to go out on a weekly basis and take digital pictures of new bunnies, download them and email them to the webmaster for updates. If you can do this small volunteer task, let Darcy know (968-5077).



Outreach Programs

Bunny Festival was a big success this year. We made a net profit of $5,500. This is enough to cover a couple months' worth of bunny care. A big applause to all who coordinated,

and participated in the event. Great job everyone!

Future outreach projects we are considering are Summer Solstice and the Fourth of July event in Ventura. If you have any fundraising ideas for us, or would like to help in either of these projects please let Darcy know (968-5077) and she will connect you with the appropriate committee head. You can always contact us through our website too: www.bunssb.org.




Another volunteer opportunity has arrived for you. The current editor of the BUNS newsletter will be unable to continue after this issue, so we are looking for someone who would be willing to do this activity.

Responsibilities are as follows: Contact people to write articles for the newsletter; get all the articles to the formatter; proof read the draft; get the draft to the printer; organize a folding party to fold and label them, and then get them to the bulk mailer.

We send a newsletter out quarterly. It is not a requirement of the job to volunteer at the shelter as well. The only requirements are being persistent to get all the pieces together in a timely manner, and to be organized to get the mailing out on time.

Does this sound like a good volunteer opportunity for you? Please contact (this may be getting familiar) Darcy Freegard at 968-5077 and she will put you in touch with the right person.



Ways in Which You Can Help

We are looking for someone who would be willing to store sections of our Fiesta booth. We have three walls approximately 8' x 10', a door, a few 2x4s, a sink and a mini water heater. If you have space in your garage, shed or

any other space to store these items until next August, we would be grateful. We could give you a rabbit or guinea pig to show our appreciation!

We are also looking for volunteers to bring fresh vegetables to the shelter on a daily basis. If there is one day of the week that you are able to pick up fresh veggies from a nearby grocery store, and bring them to the shelter, it would be one less thing for the shelter volunteer to worry about. Please call Darcy Freegard at 968-5077, if you can help. Thank you.

Winter is Approaching

As winter approaches, and cooler nights are frequent, we need to keep our special furry friends in mind.

As a general rule, the minimum temperatures bunnies are comfortable in are 55° to 60° F. In order to insulate your bunny's cage so it can maintain this temperature during a cold night, make sure to have it in a place where it is sheltered from wind and rain.

Ensure that at least one side of the cage is solid wood to give added protection. Use a tarp at night to add insulation and fasten the corners down using string or bungee cords to prevent it flying off with wind. Matting on the wire is always recommended to protect the feet, but you can add a wooden "house" or hiding box over a section of matting make a place for your bunny to snuggle up.

You may want to buy an outdoor temperature gauge and install it on the hutch to check the temperature periodically. As always, if there is a frost warning, or temperatures are predicted to be in the 30's, then your bunny needs to come in for the night. A bathroom is a great place for an overnight guest. Remember to include the litter box, food and water, and a towel for comfort. Hopefully, the above tips will keep you all warm and cozy over the winter months.

Volunteer Corner:

Donations as of

18 November 2001:


Carrot Circle $1-50

Brooke and Cynthia Armstrong

Bruce Chavez

Hal Christensen

Sarah Diehl

(In memory of Hilda)

Melinda Floyd

Angela Henderson

Winnie Hennigan

Angela Adams Keefer

Delores Lucero

Charlene Ray

Karen Romomfsky

Jill Gaeta


Bunny Angel $51-100

Judy and Paul Fredlin

April Gamble

(In honor of Roxy and Seamus)

Bryant and Cheryl Paul

(In honor of Gretel)

June Taylor

Samantha Wood


Bunny Guardian $101-250

Suzanne Ilgun

(In honor of Bonita Heiman)

Mark Moseley

George, Kim and Keith Rasher


Golden Carrot Circle

$251 and up

Dorothy Diehl



Thank You!

BUNS appreciates your

thoughtfulness and generosity.

The Zaida Family

BUNS consists of a group of fantastic volunteers. The Zaida family is a large part of that group.

Dan and Jackie began volunteering with BUNS four and a half years ago, along with their daughters, Karen and Diane, who had developed an interest in guinea pigs. They started volunteering at the shelter as a way to learn more about the proper care and handling of guinea pigs. Not long to follow a growing interest in bunnies developed as well. The Zaidas quickly saw our continual need for volunteers, and became our anchor for Sundays.

Jackie has said that volunteering at BUNS has really turned out to be a family activity. BUNS gives them an opportunity to spend quality time together. In a world where it is increasingly difficult to have family time, this is one way they can make it happen, and have fun too. Dan frequently helps on other projects with BUNS; such as, helping to install new cages, and exercise runs. Karen wrote the BUNS pamphlet on guinea pigs, and enjoys attending the board meetings to see how the organization runs from the inside. Jackie has recently taken on the position of Adoption Committee chair. Kudos to the Zaida's for all they do!

Bunny Proofing (continued from p. 1)

under the tree, such as chew toys or wicker balls for your bunny to play with instead of the tree.

Remember bunnies are industrious, and they enjoy the challenge of getting to new "treats," so be diligent with you bunny proofing and all

involved should have a fun holiday season, and a peaceful new year.


If you have any tips or tricks for bunny proofing, send them to BUNS and we will include them in the next newsletter.

Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter

PO Box 91452

Santa Barbara, CA 93190

Address Service Requested





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Bunny of the Quarter...


Buttercup is special bunny not only because she has a sweet personality, but also that she is not available for adoption. Instead, she is in need of permanent foster care. Buttercup has been in foster care since her arrival at the shelter three years ago. Originally, she was placed in foster care due to overcrowding. Then it was noted that she drank an unusually large amount of water. She was diagnosed with an enlarged liver, a chronic illness. She was deemed unadoptable.


Luckily, Buttercup is for the most part unaffected by her liver. She is an active, happy, beautiful, shy, but friendly female. Exceptionally well mannered; her favorite activities include listening to your day's activities, eating hay, and playing with her toys. Unfortunately, Buttercup's current foster mom will be unable to continue to care for her after the beginning of the year. We are looking for a good home willing to foster her on a permanent basis. Buttercup comes with her own indoor cage, crocks, mats, toys, and litterbox. If you think you can provide a warm caring home for a special "bunny girl," please contact our foster care coordinator, Jean Silva at 683-0521.