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  • Bob and Paula are our Bunnies of the Month!
  • Basic Bunny Class
  • June Hoppy Hour
  • A Healthy Rabbit is a Hay-Eating Superstar
  • A Hoppy Way to Spend an Afteroon
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Bunnies of the Month

Bob and Paula are a loving bonded pair of beautiful bunnies who are a little shy, but are curious and energetic. They love their time exercising, and are equally happy lounging together watching the goings on at the shelter. These sweeties both have beautiful blue eyes, and lovely soft coats - perfect for petting! Bob and Paula would love a quiet forever home with adoring adopters!

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June 9 Basic Bunny Class

Our next class is Sunday June 9. Join us on our Facebook event page to learn more! 

1:00 to 2:00 - Handling and Husbandry
2:00 to 2:30 - Training

Bring your Rabbit or Guinea Pig. Learn easy handling and care-taking during the first hour, then for the last half hour play training games that are fun for you and your pet! 

$5.00 for an individual
$10.00 for a family
Free to BUNS volunteers

All classes are in the Humane Society Education Building, at 5399 Overpass Rd, Goleta, (to the east  of the Animal Shelter)

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June 23 Hoppy Hour

This month's is Sunday June 23 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. So bring your fuzzy friend and give them an opportunity to socialize with other rabbits and guinea pigs! Socialization is a very important part of overall rabbit and guinea pig welfare, and a Hoppy Hour is the perfect opportunity to let your fuzzy one play with others. 

We'll be at the Humane Society Lawn, at 5399 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. Admission is $10 per rabbit or guinea pig. All animals must be healthy and rabbits must have been spayed or neutered at least 30 days in advance.

Please join us for an afternoon of fun!

A reminder: our registration/waiver form is available online! Print it out before you come to save time at Hoppy Hour and Pignic registration! You can fill out out a Rabbit or Guinea Pig form before coming (we'll have forms available at the registration table if you forget):

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A Healthy Rabbit is a Hay-Eating Superstar

A proper rabbit diet consists of about 80% grass hay, 10% veggies, 5% healthy pellets and 0 to 5% healthy treats (offer fresh water at all times). 

Hay is much more than food

Here are some benefits of hay:

  • Hay keeps cecal flora in balance and promotes gut health. 
  • Repetitive chewing promotes dental health
  • Hay provides many key nutritional components
  • Helps prevent fur blockage (especially important in Angora and long-haired breads) 
  • Hay encourages natural foraging and grazing behavior
  • Promotes activity, diminishes boredom and provides a sense of security
  • Satisfies natural snacking and chewing urges. 

Pile litter boxes full of fresh hay each morning. Add it to baskets in your rabbit's play pen or exercise area, or to baskets around your home. Rabbits naturally graze, eating hay, grass and other plants for long periods, mainly at dawn and dusk. 

Try these tips to encourage hay eating

If you suspect your rabbit prefers other foods to hay, try these tricks:

  • Reduce treats
  • Be sure not to over-feed pellets 
  • Try adding different varieties of hay to your usual litter box mix. 
  • Keep hay near your rabbit at all times 
  • Incorporate hay into toys and games. Try blocking a favorite tunnel or box with hay, so your rabbit has to remove hay to get through it.
  • Try mixing dry food, vegetables, fresh grass, or herbs (dry or fresh) in to the hay so your rabbit has to dig through the hay to find food. While searching through the hay your rabbit may accidentally eat some hay and realize hay doesn't taste so bad after all. A hay topper from BUNS is great addition.

Head over to to read more about how hay is super important to your rabbit's diet!

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A hoppy way to spend an afternoon

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