Do you have a bunny disaster plan? The Carrot Tribune, July 2018

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  • Bunny and Guinea Pig of the Month
  • Basic Bunny and Guinea Pig Class
  • Hoppy Hour and Pignic
  • Animal Disaster Plans
  • Bonding Two Stubborn Senior Buns
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Guinea Pig of the Month

Larry is an active piggy with lots of spirit and is a good natured boy. He is curious and engaging, and likes to be held and petted. With so much going for him, Larry  is wondering when he will find his perfect family and loving forever home.

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Basic Bunny and Guinea Pig Classes

Our next class is June 14. Join us on our Facebook event page to learn more! 

1:00 to 2:00 - Handling and Husbandry
2:00 to 2:30 - Training

Bring your Rabbit or Guinea Pig. Learn easy handling and care-taking during the first hour, then for the last half hour play training games that are fun for you and your pet! 

$5.00 for an individual
$10.00 for a family
Free to BUNS volunteers

All classes are in the Humane Society Education Building, at 5399 Overpass Rd, Goleta, (to the east  of the Animal Shelter)

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Hoppy Hour and Picnic - July 21

Bring your fuzzy friend, July 21 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM and give them an opportunity to socialize with other rabbits and guinea pigs! Socialization is a very important part of overall rabbit and guinea pig welfare, and a Hoppy Hour is the perfect opportunity to let your fuzzy one play with others. 

Hoppy Hour will take place on the Humane Society Lawn, at 5399 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. Admission is $10 per rabbit or guinea pig. All animals must be healthy and rabbits must have been spayed or neutered at least 30 days in advance.

We'll be providing light refreshments for both you and your critter, so please join us for an afternoon of fun!

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Animal Disaster Plans

Disasters can happen here. Fire season is upon us and it is time to prepare.  


  1. Microchip your pets.  A microchip is their ticket home. After Hurricane Katrina, pets with microchips were the most likely to find their families.  Your vet can implant a microchip under your pet’s skin. The chip can be read by animal rescues and vets. It is linked to your name and contact information.
  2. Make a list of care instructions for your pets. Include their food, medicines, the name of their vet and your emergency contact information.
  3. Pack a “Go Bag” for your pet: Food and water bowls, a litter pan, hay, and rabbit or guinea pig pellets. Be sure to add medications that do not need refrigeration. Add your list of care instructions. Leave it in a convenient location.
  4. Have an animal carrier ready and easy to get. Even a cardboard box with a lid will do. Attach or write your contact info on the carrier; add special care instructions to the carrier.
  5. Recruit your neighbors to evacuate each others pets if you are not home when an evacuation order comes.
  6. Be sure to carry phone numbers with you for neighbors, animal care takers, BUNS, Animal Services, your vet and friends or hotels who might house you or your pets.
  7. If your pet does not have a microchip, carry a photo of him on your phone.
  8. Know your evacuation route and an alternative route.
  9. Sign up for emergency alerts from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office: 
  10. If you don’t have a plan for your entire family, here is a resource:


  1. Take a deep breath and remain calm. Before loading your car, secure free roaming pets in carriers, pens or cages.
  2. Load your car and take your pets with you.
  3. If you cannot get home or need help to evacuate your pets call Animal Services for evacuation assistance. 805 681-4332
  4. If you need a place for your rabbit or guinea pig, call BUNS. If you are in a mandatory evacuation zone, we can care for your pets at the shelter.  If not, we will help you find a family or business that will take your pet.  We can help with equipment and supplies as well.


BUNS (805) 683-0521
Animal Evacuation Hotline 805 681-4332
Santa Barbara County Animal Services (805) 681-5285
Santa Barbara City Animal Control (805) 963-1513

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Bonding Two Stubborn Senior Buns

Story by Dana Morton.

Experienced volunteer and long-time rabbit bonder, Jean, says that most “rabbits don’t speak rabbit”. But, once a bunny has been bonded, or if they’ve grown up with their siblings, they are somewhat better at communicating with each other. But, that doesn’t mean they will agree, and it doesn’t mean you will be able to predict how a bond will go!

Enter the buns:

Bertha is a large girl, about 9 lbs and at least 8 years old. She came to us from Craigslist, from some folks that found her wandering around in an abandoned house. She is a gentle and affectionate lady with people, and generally not aggressive towards other rabbits. She is however, used to being the QUEEN. She was bonded twice before, and twice a widow. She was dominant in both of her earlier relationships.

BunJovi is bit smaller, 5lb male bun. About 9 years old, and also bonded twice, and twice made a widower. Also he’s not aggressive towards other bunnies, he is super affectionate and outgoing towards people. We don’t know whether he was dominant in his past bonds.

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