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  • Bunny of the Month
  • Basic Bunny and Guinea Pig Class
  • Hoppy Hour
  • Twenty-five Years of BUNS
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Eviana & Mr. Pepper

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month and what better time to adopt these two sweethearts?

Eviana & Mr. Pepper are our Rabbits of the Month! Rescued from a local park, they are inseparable and both are litter box trained. On the big and round side, these bunnies have a gentle nature and are OK with hugs. Stop by the shelter and let them win your heart. 

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Critter Care Class, Feb 11

1:00 to 2:00 - Handling and Husbandry
2:00 to 2:30 - Training

Bring your Rabbit or Guinea Pig. Learn easy handling and care-taking during the first hour, then for the last half hour play training games that are fun for you and your pet! 

$5.00 for an individual
$10.00 for a family
Free to BUNS volunteers

All classes are in the Humane Society Education Building, at 5399 Overpass Rd, Goleta, (to the east  of the Animal Shelter)

Our next class is February 11. Join us on our Facebook event page to learn more! 

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Hoppy Hour - February 25

It's time for Hoppy Hour! Join us Saturday, February 25 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Bring your fuzzy friend and give them an opportunity to socialize with other rabbits! Socialization is a very important part of overall rabbit welfare, and a Hoppy Hour is the perfect opportunity to let your bunny play with others. 

Hoppy Hour will take place on the Humane Society Lawn, at 5399 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. Admission is $10 per rabbit. All animals must be healthy and rabbits must have been spayed or neutered at least 30 days in advance.

We'll be providing light refreshments for both you and your bunny, so please join us for an afternoon of fun!

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The Most Magical Place

This year is the 25th anniversary of BUNS! We're celebrating by sharing stories from our volunteers about their experiences with BUNS. This month's story comes from Gloria Morgan:

I first visited BUNS in 2001 to make a donation of some hay. I was immediately impressed with the personal care each rabbit was receiving. I fell in love with a large black and white lop and expected to be able to take her right home. However, it was explained a home visit would be required. I was even more impressed that the all volunteer staff would make this important effort, especially since I live an hour away. I soon learned most of the staff were busy professionals from all income levels with the common passion to help these innocent beings. These volunteers were and continue to be my role models for all that is positive and wonderful in animal rescue. I wanted to be in this circle of Bunny Advocates and Angels.

I volunteered to help teach the Bunny Basics class with Jean Silva and Andrea Bratt when it was held at the Goleta Public Library. We went over litter box training and used the Poop Size Chart to emphasize the importance of hay and careful monitoring to prevent gastrointestinal complications. Jean's food pyramid diagram of hay, green vegetables, pellets, and fruit was sent home with new adopters. We encouraged all who attended to read (and speak) The Language of Lagomorphs. Andrea has expanded the class to include clicker training and it is now held at the Humane Society.

I helped with "Spa Bunne" when BUNS held the annual Bunny Festival at the Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens. Bunnies enjoyed their nail trims, massage, aromatherapy, and a salad while their owners enjoyed a treat at Kathleen's Carrot Cafe. It was an event I compared to being as special as Christmas as I saved all my extra money to spend at the Silent Auction. Lesley, Ana, and Jackie put together amazing decorated baskets of donated treasures and services.

I continue to be impressed with the facilities that are repaired and upgraded by Phil Seymour and other talented people who volunteer their carpentry skills.

The guinea pig area has expanded in the past decade. It is always a pleasure to see the same faces year after year like Cindy, who carefully guides people through questions about the guinea pigs. She also contributes her professional photography skills so each adoptee looks their best for the website and bulletin board she maintains beautifully.

I remember Jean treating the volunteers to pizza dinner if they would help get the newsletter ready for mailing via the postal service. Nick Burlett and his wife, Jessie (former Board of Directors President) guided BUNS into the age of technology and we now have an expanded website, Facebook page, and this fabulous digital Carrot Tribune.

I have seen countless bunnies transformed at BUNS as their needs for food, medical care, affection, play, and love are met daily. I have also met the most amazing and giving people of my life. I named Jean Silva as one of the top five women I admired when asked for a graduate project. I want to send a special thank you to Shellye Kingsbury and Kimmy Swann for the service and dedication I have seen them provide BUNS this past decade. Their sensitivity and understanding of rabbits is a joy to be in the presence of.

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