BUNS Newsletter - December 2015

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May we Extend a Paw?

The image of holiday stockings rings a bell for BUNS this year. Sore feet filled the last few months. First little Brandy with the massive foot and leg infection, then Claire, whose toes had been cut off. Now Lilo, a guinea pig, whose long nails curled under her front feet and caused a serious infection in both paws.  So with all these little sore feet, and big vet bills, BUNS could use a stocking full of money. 

There are lots of ways you could help.

  • Are you shopping on Amazon? Register Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter as your charity. A portion on your purchases will come to BUNS
  • Do you love to shop? Check out the Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter wish list on Amazon. You can shop for us.
  • Are you a Ralphs shopper? Register Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter as your charity. We will get 2 to 4 percent of your grocery bill.
  • Are you a United Way contributor? You can designate some or all of your donation to Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter.
  • Shop the BUNS store on Cafe Press. 
  • Make a monthly donation to BUNS via PayPal.  Any amount helps and monthly donations give us the ability to plan.
  • Make a one time donation to BUNS 

If money is short, and believe me we understand that, you can still help out

  • Newspapers are always in short supply, so bring them to us
  • Do you love the farmers markets too? Sign up to bring us carrot tops and other trim each week.
  • Are you a power point wizard? Let’s talk!
  • Could you do a poster route?
  • Are you a good housekeeper? We need window and wall washers. Could you help?
  • Are videos your forte? 
  • Are you handy? Get your tool belt and help us keep the shelter in good repair.
  • Do you love to raise money? We would love to get to know you!
  • And then, as always, there are litter boxes, water and food crocks that need attention contact volunteer@bunssb.org 

It has been a remarkable year, and yet at the end all seems to have worked out for the bunnies and guinea pigs.  Little Brandy, and she is still little, is hopping around the shelter looking for a new home. This week she was part of a fashion photo shoot at San Ysidro Ranch. Claire has had her last foot surgery and will be going for her last check up next week.  She will be at the shelter after Christmas. Her babies are weaned and playing video games in a new foster home.  They will be ready for adoption in February. Lilo has had her toe nails trimmed, seen a vet and living on very soft fleece while her feet heal. None of this would have been possible without generous people like you.

Hoppy Holidays and a 24 Carrot New Year,
Your friends at BUNS

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Basic Bunny and Guinea Pig Classes

Our next Basic Bunny and Guinea Pig Class is December 12, from 1:00 to 2:30 at the Humane Society!

Bring your Rabbit or Guinea Pig. Learn easy handling and care-taking during the first hour, then for the last half hour play training games that are fun for you and your pet.

Classes are free to BUNS volunteers! Are you going? We'd love to hear from you on our Facebook event page.

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Filling your Bunnies' Stockings

Have you ever wondered why your bunny can be sooo naughty? Because every bunny knows that Santa leaves naughty bunnies a bundle of sticks. So as that special night approaches, every bunny tries their very best to deserve the biggest bundle of sticks in Santa’s Sleigh. Don’t disappoint your bunny or next year he will be really naughty.

Willow branches are high on every bunny’s Santa list. And, with a little vigilance you can find willow trees growing right here in Santa Barbara.  Snip a long flexible branch from the tree. Fold it back and forth, leaves and all, until it makes a nice bundle. Tie it with raffia. If you are lucky enough to get willow branches, cut them into 6” to 10” lengths and tie them in a bundle for your bunny’s stocking.  Store them in a well ventilated and dry area until Santa arrives. 

We've gone through our newsletter archives and found some some other things you can do to make your bunny or guinea pig’s holiday extra special:

And remember, if your bunny wants you to leave carrots for Santa, he may be planning to sneak in after you go to bed and eat them all.

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Makenzie is our Guinea Pig of the Month

Looking for a cute, little guinea pig with big opinions? Meet Makenzie! She is OK with a snuggle now and then, but will give you a tiny pinch when it is time to move on. She always encourages a rub behind her little ears though. If walking by, you may hear squeaks and squeals as she tries to get your attention and especially if salad is in view!  Makenzie loves to roam but enjoys human company near her at the same time. Makenzie is looking for a home that sees her “bossy” personality as charming and loves her for it. 

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Still time for last-minute shopping!

Need a last minute gift for a bunny fan? Try our BUNS Logo Store on CafePress.

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