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BUNS is closed to the public

BUNS is closed to the public due to Covid-19. We look forward to reopening the shelter, restarting Hoppy Hour, and holding Basic Bunny and Guinea Pig classes again. Until then we are still here for the rabbits and guinea pigs and for bunny and piggie parents. Thank you for your patience and continued support during this difficult time.

Bunny and Piggie Pantry

If you lost a job or income due to covid-19, buying pet food may not be possible. We will help you and your bunny or piggie with free pellets and hay. Call or email BUNS to arrange a time for you to pick up food. If you are not able to leave your house, we may be able to deliver pellets and hay. Call 805 683-0521 or email us at info@bunssb.org

Hay Sales

Hay sales will continue during the closure. Bags of hay are ready for purchase on the shelter’s front porch. Each bag contains one flake of hay and sells for $5.00. Cash or checks can be placed in the green box on the wall above the hay. Please bring exact change. The shelter’s address is 5473 Overpass Rd. Goleta CA.

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Care

BUNS will continue to care for the rabbits and guinea pigs at the Santa Barbara County Stray Animal Shelter. If you are hospitalized or unable to care for your rabbit or guinea pig, we will help. Call us at 805 683-0521 or email info@bunssb.org

Adoptions and Foster Care

BUNS is able to facilitate limited adoptions to previous adopters with indoor housing for their bunnies or piggies. Interviews will be done by phone: 805 683-0521. Adopters may request a bunny or piggie from the photos on our website: bunssb.org/bunnies/adoptable-bunnies/. The final choice will made between BUNS and the adopter. All adoptions will be done by appointment only. Adopters may select a bunny or piggie online but will not be able to meet the pet before the adoption. Contact BUNS for more information.

BUNS will consider fostering to homes with indoor housing for their bunnies or guinea pigs. Inquiries about fostering may be made by calling 805 683-0521 or by emailing info@bunssb.org. The decision to foster will be based on the needs of BUNS, the rabbit or guinea pig and our best judgement about the match between the animal and the foster home. We appreciate the offer to foster.

Additional Information

We will be available by phone or email to answer your questions and offer as much help as we can. Call us at 805 683-0521 or email us at info@bunssb.org

How You Can Help

Donate: Hay, pellets, and vet care all cost money. We can supply the love and the time — but your support makes everything else possible. To donate click here: http://www.bunssb.org/donations/

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