Moving On Up – Guinea Pig Condos

Guinea Pigs love condo living! There are tons of reasons to think inside the cube when planning a home for your cavy companion. Cube and coroplast cages, called “C&C” cages for short, are an excellent living arrangement for piggies. Using snap-together shelving grids and a lightweight solid plastic liner, the possibilities for cavy castles are only limited by imagination. 

The guinea pig cages website has wonderful articles about designing and building your own condo, and their forum gallery is full of inspiration. 

Read on for a tour of one of our voluteer's cages.

Guinea Pig C&C Cage Guinea Pig C&C Cage
Two Story C&C Cage Two Story C&C Cage

Pictured above is a volunteer’s cage setup for five females living together. There are two living levels above drawers and carrier storage. Extra fleece and beds for spot changes are in the small shelf top right, and top left is the spray bottle of vinegar and water for coroplast cleaning. The main parts of the cage (large base and square upper story) were purchased from They have lots of cool stuff and sponsored our pig-nic, so be sure to check them out!