September Hoppy Hour

Hoppy Hour returns this September 5, from 1:30-3:30pm.

Bring your fuzzy friend and give them an opportunity to socialize with other rabbits! Socialization is a very important part of overall rabbit welfare, and a Hoppy Hour is the perfect opportunity to let your bunny play with others. 

Hoppy Hour will take place on the Humane Society Lawn, at 5399 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. Admission is $10 per rabbit. All animals must be healthy and rabbits must have been spayed or neutered at least 30 days in advance.

We'll be providing light refreshments for both you and your bunny, so please join us for an afternoon of fun and frolicking!

See our video of the July Hoppy Hour on the BUNS Facebook Page!


Everybunny has a great time at Hoppy Hour! Everybunny has a great time at Hoppy Hour!