BUNS has the best Summer

We are always happy when Summer comes to BUNS! And Summer comes every week with her mother Theresa to volunteer at the shelter. They feed and water the bunnies and guinea pigs and help put them back in their cages for dinner. In her spare time, Summer, who, by the way is 8 years old, made presents for almost every rabbit at the shelter. She also helps care for her own bunny, Patrick. Summer brings treats for her fellow volunteers. So every bunny and all the volunteers are glad to see Summer and Theresa arrive at the shelter.

This July, Summer and her friend Jolie decided to brighten the day of everyone at Shoreline Park and raise money for BUNS. Summer baked all the goodies. Then she and Jolie set up a lemonade stand decorated with photos of shelter rabbits: Jill, Elsa, Mr. Peanut and Summer’s own shelter bunny Patrick. There was a sign: “Would You like to support the bunnies at BUNS?” For the thirsty hungry runners and passers-by they sold cupcakes, brownies, Oreos and lemonade. Each customer got a “Thank you for helping the rabbits at B.U.N.S.” note.

Together Summer and Jolie raised and donated $63 to BUNS! Summer and Jolie you are the best!

Summer and Jolie at their lemonade stand Summer and Jolie at their lemonade stand

BUNS has is fortunate to have many young supporters. They volunteer with their parents, their Girl Scout Troops share their cookie money - and that is hard earned money - and they give us donations they requested instead of birthday presents. So to Summer, Jolie and all of BUNS' young supporters we say THANK YOU!!!

You can help BUNS too! Volunteer at the shelter, pick up vegetables each week, or help once a month with the Basic Bunny and Guinea Pig class. BUNS is looking for a graphic artist to design flyers. Donations of money, hay, vegetables and bunny toys also make us very happy. Without you there would not be a BUNS.

Summer and her bunny Patrick Summer and her bunny Patrick