BUNS Gets Ready for Changes

June 8, 2015

Hold on to your ears, BUNS may be in for a bumpy ride! The American Humane Association (AHA) report to the Board of Supervisors recommended many changes at the shelter. Some of their ideas were good. Others were a little scary!

The good news is that AHA said “The facilities maintained by BUNS...served...the rabbits well. All operate with care and commitment and their policies and procedures are commendable.” Also that the county should consider contracting rabbit and guinea pig care and shelter to a private organization...”

Here is the bad news. AHA recommends that all volunteers in Lompoc, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara report to a single County employee and share the same standard operating procedures. Well, one size does not always fit.

On the one hand AHA thinks BUNS is doing a good job on our own. On the other hand AHA thinks BUNS should be part of a County run volunteer program.

Here is the scary part. AHA wants staff to make all decisions about euthanasia. And AHA believes that a long shelter stay can cause emotional distress and suffering. One answer, they say is humane euthanasia. They note that 12 bunnies have been at BUNS for more than a year. They called Petunia out by name as having been at the shelter for more than 5 years. We’re a little worried about her.

In the short term not too much should change. BUNS will be on an Animal Services Committee to decide how best to implement the AHA report. And we will be working extra hard to find Petunia and her mate Reese a new home.

In the long term, the BUNS board wants a contract to run the rabbit and guinea pig area at the Goleta Shelter. We want our independence. A contract would help BUNS and Animal Services work together effectively. We will keep you informed. 

- BUNS Board of Directors

Reese and Petunia Reese and Petunia