The Princes of Vieja Drive

Roscoe, Titus and Jonah were born at the Santa Maria Shelter. But there wasn’t enough room at the  Santa Maria Shelter, so the boys and their mother, Bella, came to BUNS.  Their photos went on our website. 

Jatila’s beloved Pasha Mabruk (Mookie for short) had passed away. So Jatila was on the internet looking for black piggies from San Diego to Sacramento.  She saw the three brothers on our website, “They were just so darn cute! Who would not fall in love with them?”  Jatila wanted a male pair bond but the trio was too hard to resist. “I could not bear the thought of leaving one brother behind! How sad that would be...and, whom to choose? So I took them all.”

Jamil, Hanni, and Yusuf Jamil, Hanni, and Yusuf

Along with a new home they got new names.  Hanni, which means “delighted” or “happy ;” Yusuf, which is Arabic for Joseph; and Jamil, which means “beautiful.” Jatila, who does Middle Eastern Dance (among her many accomplishments), loves the sound of the Arabic language. So she has a tradition of giving all her piggies beautiful Arabic names.

Hanni Hanni
Yusuf Yusuf
Jamil Jamil

Hanni is the most curious and will eat out of Jatila’s hand.  He is a mischief maker who runs laps around the enclosure in the mornings.  He pokes Jamil and Yusuf in the butt to get them out of bed. Jamil and Yusuf are shy about being picked up, but they know Jatila and “week” when they want something. Jatila hopes that they will become more social as they grow older.  But they are not yet part of the family the way her other piggies were. 

Hanni, Jamil, and Yusuf Hanni, Jamil, and Yusuf

The boys share an large enclosure in the master bedroom.  They have quite a bit of contact with Jatila and her husband. They have igloos, a tunnel, a sofa  and lots of soft blankets to snuggle in.  They have room to be together and room enough to be alone. They live like the princes of Vieja Drive.  Jatila says “They are adorable.”

Bella and Lucy Bella and Lucy

Bella remains at the shelter and hopes that she and her new friend, Lucy, will find a home as well. Maybe you can bring them home!