Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

It's hot out! Help keep your bunnies and guinea pigs cool this summer by following some simple tips:

  1. Bring (or keep) your pets inside.
  2. Keep water bowls and bottles full.
  3. Add ice cubes to water bowls.
  4. Fill a water bottle half full, freeze, fill to the top with water, replace the sipper tube and attache to the cage.
  5. Mist a rabbit’s ears with a spray bottle (Do not wet the body fur.).
  6. Freeze or refrigerate a stone or ceramic tile and place in the living area.
  7. Chill carrots or other foods and serve cold and dripping wet.
  8. Serve a frozen strawberry or banana slice.
  9. Freeze a topless drinking water bottle, replace the top and place in the cage, igloo, or nest box. 
  10. Provide lots of shade.
  11. Spray the roof of outdoor hutches several times a day.
  12. Add misters to outside play areas or hutches to cool the air (for instructions visit: