Apprehended at the Airport

Gulliver was having a really bad day when he was found up at the airport. But then he came to BUNS. 

Gulliver, just after being found at the airport. Gulliver, just after being found at the airport.

It was the beginning of a wonderful tale. His mom Tara tells us:

Nick and I are now the proud bunny parents of Gulliver and Georgiana (formerly Miss Bear). Dogs and cats were out: we are both allergic. I learned about BUNS when I volunteered at the Bunny Festival. So we researched rabbits. They sounded like great house pets. We liked the idea of giving a homeless bunny a home. And, we liked that BUNS rabbits are neutered and box trained. 

After a trip to BUNS to see if we were allergic to rabbits (we we weren’t) we decided to learn more about rabbit care by volunteering. My first Sunday as a volunteer I met Gulliver. He was meant for us: Gulliver was found at the airport; we work on airport property. He was so sweet. We adopted Gulliver last August.

Gulliver makes a rather good book end! Gulliver makes a rather good book end!
Gulliver is an expert at relaxation. Gulliver is an expert at relaxation.

We got our house ready before we brought Gulliver home.  After a month or so he settled in and is now part of the family. We were surprised by how good he was with his litter box. He’s got quite a personality and is very smart. He really likes to be in the same room with us. In the morning he hangs around my feet while I get ready for work. Nick has clicker trained Gulliver to run a basic agility course. Guliliver’s trying to train our roommate to feed him a second dinner.  He has almost gotten a second dinner a few times.

Lately we thought that Gulliver might be lonely. We went back to BUNS to ask about bonding a second rabbit. Gulliver got along with a bunny named Miss Bear. They had 5 dates before we brought her home. We’ve only had her for 3 days, but Gulliver is clearly smitten. He seems happier than I’ve ever seen him. (Photo Sharing Food) Bonding bunnies is rewarding, but it is hard work. If we had known we’d end up with two rabbits we could have adopted a bonded pair in the beginning. But we’d never trade Gulliver or Georgiana for any other bunnies now.

Gulliver and Georgiana love sharing lunch. Gulliver and Georgiana love sharing lunch.

We’d like to thank BUNS and all their wonderful volunteers for their hard work. They’re a great source of information and are always willing to answer any questions. We love the two newest members of our family!  

Gulliver has his very own YouTube channel, where he shares many of his happy moments in his new family!