Christmas Bunnies (January Update)

Santa delivered 22 Palomino rabbits to the shelter three weeks before Christmas!  Six boys, ten girls and six babies. They are very cute and we love them all. But we are up to our ears in rabbits.

Soon after they arrived at the shelter, two of the girls gave birth to even more bunnies! One had a litter of six, and the other a litter of two. All of the babies and their mothers are now in foster and doing well!

The remainder of the group is at the shelter and doing well! All fourteen of them exercise together daily and can't wait to be adopted!

Robin, one of the twenty-two, has a dramatically crooked leg, healed wrong from an old injury.  Robin looks odd but our vet says everything is fine aside from the odd angle of her leg. She gets along very well with the rest of the group!

How you can help

Volunteer any day of the week; e-mail us to volunteer:  

Bring us fresh greens; those kids are hungry.

Spaying and neutering cost around $1,500, which has significantly cut into our funds. Please help by donating via our donations page.

Even before the Christmas Bunnies arrived, we had many wonderful rabbits ready to adopt. Visit our adoptable rabbit page on Petfinder, or visit us at the shelter to meet our bunnies in person.  

Please help.

The group plays together every day! The group plays together every day!
The babies The babies