May We Extend a Paw?

What a surprising year this has been. In March the County brought us 36 Lompoc bunnies whose owner was too overwhelmed with their care. Then a phone call had us chasing a stray bunny with an injured leg down a street in Goleta. Or a guinea pig without any hair and a bad case of skin mites was dropped at the shelter. Of course, every week one or two surprised rabbit or guinea pig comes into the shelter needing a gentle hand and safe place to stay.

The Lompoc rabbits filled every cage at the shelter and then some. We moved hutches into exercise pens and filled two dog kennels with rabbit cages. One of the Lompoc bunnies, Cameron, needed special dental surgery so that he could eat. All of them needed to spayed or neutered. One, Eleanor, had uterine cancer that the spay cured. All of them needed homes. And thanks to you, they have had needed surgeries and most of them have found their new home.


Sheldon Sheldon

When Sheldon arrived he was a poor little naked itchy guinea pig. His lovely coat was gone, lost to skin mites. Mites made poor Sheldon unbearably itchy. It took at trip to the vet, medicated baths and several months. Now the mites are gone and the hair is back. Sheldon is back at the shelter too. Thanks to you he can sit in laps without itching.

A lady e-mailed BUNS a photo of a stray rabbit with a swollen leg that ending in a black stump where the foot should be. So off we went to catch a bunny. She was still sitting in the yard when we arrived. And though she ran off, she could not run far enough. Dr. Haskell said that her her foot had been amputated at the arch. Her hip and left leg were shattered. The leg had to go, but her life was saved and she got a new name. Thanks to you Renata is safe at the shelter.

Renata Renata

We are grateful that we were able to help Renata, the little lop whose leg and hip were shattered. We are grateful that we were here to help Sheldon, the guinea pig, who was being devoured by parasites. We are grateful for everyone who gave a home to a rabbit or guinea pig this year and for all the past years. We are grateful for all the volunteers who helped clean cages and snuggle bunnies. We are grateful for everyone whose donations paid for neuters and special veterinary care.

With your help and only with your help, BUNS will do it all again in 2014. We always need volunteers to help at the shelter, pick up vegetables and help with off site events. The bunnies love you to bring fresh vegetables and toys. An ongoing donation through our PayPal account makes it possible to pay for vet care. Of course, a single donation online or mailed to BUNS at P.O. Box 91452, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-1452 is much appreciated. Among the many hands reaching out for help, may we extend our paw?