Guinea Pig Gift Guide

A shopping guide for little squeekers 

Tis the season of giving and being thankful. When making your list and checking it twice, don't forget about piggy! There are lots of things you can buy or make for your cavy companion that will brighten up its life. Here is a list of ideas, with some links to tips and resources.  

Guinea pigs may be little, but they have a big appetite year round. All this munching is really important for two reasons. They need lots of fiber to be healthy, and they need lots of chew time to keep their teeth worn evenly. Wheat grass is a welcome treat for your pig, and it's good for them! It is super easy to grow indoors. Guinea Pig Today has a great article with tips for growing sprouts indoors for your guinea pigs. Serve to your guinea pigs, but don't blink because it will be gone fast. You can give them the whole crop and they'll mow it down to the roots, or you can clip the grass and sprinkle it on hay or scatter around the exercise area. You can usually get several crops of grass from one planting, just keep watering.  

Guinea pigs are champion nappers. They especially love cozy places to cuddle up. You can buy small animal beds and fleece cuddle cups online, but any soft enclosed space will be appealing. The Guinea Pig Cages Forum has a detailed photo tutorial demonstrating how to sew your own cuddle cup. If you don't sew, try lining a low litter box with a nice thick layer of towels or fleece. Hanging pieces of fleece around the bed will make piggy feel extra secure. If you cut the bottom of the curtains into vertical strips, you'll have a fleece forest. Guineas love poking through the strips to find the best spot for a nap. Another popular piggie hangout is a cardboard box with a couple of doors cut into it. If you stuff the box full of hay your pigs will have fun making tunnels between the doorways, and choosing their favorite napping corner.  

There are many ways to enhance playtime for your piggy. You can hide treats such as raisins or banana chips in a paper bag stuffed with hay. For expert foragers tie the bag shut with raffia to increase the challenge. Empty plastic containers can be used for a variety of games. Hide a treat under the cup, so your pig can have fun sniffing out the treat and knocking over the cup to get the reward. If the container has a lid, punch holes in it and fill with pellets or treats. The food will fall out as the cup moves around. Start with big holes, but your critter will soon learn the game and you can up the challenge by making a new cup with smaller holes. You can also hide treats in different parts of the exercise area every day to encourage your pig to explore. Tunnels are another popular obstacle to make playtime more exciting. PVC pipes work great, and the Cali Cavy Collective has an excellent article about how to make a piggy safe tunnel from an oatmeal carton.

(Some of the links provided are not BUNS affiliates, but all have been guinea pig tested and approved.)