The Gift of Bunnies that Keeps On Giving

You may recall that just before Christmas this past year, Santa delivered twenty-two Palomino rabbits to the shelter! Six boys, ten girls and six babies. They are very cute and we love them all. But since then we’ve been up to our ears in rabbits!. They are still with us and as cute and gentle as ever, and nearly all have already been spayed and neutered.

These bunnies need your help!

We have one group of fifteen who are living peacefully together at the shelter, cage-free and a joy to watch in their daily activities, but they need a permanent home. Our wish for this group is that they be adopted and homed together, which will of course take a bit more space than your average pair of rabbits! If you’d like to give these adorable bunnies a home, it might be more doable than you think! 

At the shelter, the group spends their evenings in a large dog kennel. With some minor adjustments, a similar setup would be an excellent permanent residence for them! Add a couple hundred square feet of daytime play yard, and you’ve got the perfect enclosure.

If you’d like to give these bunnies a permanent home, but aren’t sure how to set up their living area, BUNS volunteers are standing by to help you build a pen, play area, or even a small house for them to live in!

Dinner time for one hungry group of rabbits!  Dinner time for one hungry group of rabbits!

Can’t bring fifteen bunnies home with you? There are many other ways to help!

Adopt some of the other Christmas Bunnies! We also have trios and pairs of gentle brown bunnies ready for adoption, including some sweet, sociable youngsters who were raised by BUNS foster families.

Adopt Any Bunny! Besides our Christmas bunnies we have a huge variety of other wonderful bunnies ready for adoption. So if you can’t take 15 home with you, consider adopting just one perfect bunny or perfect pair!  Visit our adoptable rabbit page, or visit us at the shelter to meet our bunnies in person.

Networks are magic: Help us spread the word about the Christmas Bunnies and all the bunnies, and guinea pigs. Tell your friends with fuzzy critters about the services and education that BUNS offers the community. Please also share your ideas and contacts with us via email at or by phone: 805-683-0521

Shop the BUNS Cafe Press store to sport some stylish BUNS gear. Since the City of Santa Barbara is about to implement a "bag ordinance" where you'll be charged single-use paper or plastic bags, we suggest a BUNS Logo Tote Bag!

Donations are the lifeblood of BUNS. The cost of spaying and neutering every rabbit is a tremendous ongoing expense, especially when we take in large groups. We have no paid employees, so every dollar you donate to BUNS goes directly to the animals in need.  Please help by donating via our donations page.

New way to donate! If you shop on you can support BUNS with every purchase. Just go to, select BUNS as your charity, and shop like usual. Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchase price to BUNS! 

Volunteer: We provide on-the-job training and welcome your help any day of the week; Visit our volunteer page to learn how to sign up.

Veggie Donations: Salad time is a highpoint of the day at the shelter, but all those bunnies and guinea pigs eat A LOT of salad! Donations of leafy greens are always welcome.