Are you ready for May 15?

Starting mid-May you must bring your own bag to large stores or pay 10 cents for a paper bag. Don’t be caught without a bag, bring BUNS-logo bags with you to the store!

With one click you can support BUNS and buy great bags. These bags are lightweight. They stuff into an attached pouch and are small enough to carry in your purse.  There is a carabiner to attach to a belt or purse so you are never without a bag. When fully loaded you will still be able to lift the bag without struggling.  And these bags are washable. Best of all you can show the BUNS logo and carry nice bags.

What could be better?  You can support BUNS.  You get a great, convenient bag.  You look good at the market.  And when people ask about your bag, you can show all your bunny photos and ask if they were going to keep their carrot tops.  Checkout staff will offer you carrot tops. All this and you can save the planet too!  Are you ready?

Click here to order your bag today!