Bunny And Guinea Pig of the Month October 2016

Barty & Tangerine

Barty and Tangerine are bonded brother and sister. They are old timers at the shelter and are still patiently waiting for their forever family to discover them. The perfect home would appreciate their shy and gentle nature and love all their bunny ways. They came to the shelter when they were just a couple months old, so it’s time for some new scenery and a real home life.

Photo by Cindy Brandt

Lucky & Moose

Lucky and Moose are a cute dad and son duo. Moose, born on 7/17/16, is still a little guy and Lucky is a young adult, full of curiosity.  These two love to spend their days together exploring, snoozing and nibbling hay. They would be happiest in a home where they can be  front and center with their family.

Photo by Cindy Brandt