Bunny And Guinea Pig of the Month June 2020


Krolik is an adorable young bunny! His name is derived from the Polish word for rabbit, and he is a handsome example of the Lionhead breed. He is an independent, active and curious boy who will slow down long enough to accept pets and praise and even a cuddle or two. Krolik is waiting for his forever home and knows he will make some loving adopter very happy!


Padrillio - Cute little Pod (a.k.a. Padrillio) is wondering why he is still at the shelter, as he knows how much he has to offer some lucky adopter! He is an independent boy who is not shy when it comes to expressing his opinions and would love to be the King of the household ! This great piggy  is happy to cuddle, and he won’t say no to a treat or two.  Pod also likes his time exercising and napping in his pen, no doubt dreaming of his forever home.