Bunny And Guinea Pig of the Month July 2016

Miss Dot

Miss Dot has been a homeless, shelter bunny at BUNS longer than any other. She is a shy, sensitive girl waiting to be discovered and appreciated for her quiet nature and delicate beauty. She is also an extra neat bunny who earns an A+ on her litter box habits. Easy-going Miss Dot enjoys socializing with other rabbits during our "BUNS Hoppy Hour" and she may make a great companion for another lonely bunny. She loves her soft cozy bed and it will go home with her when her loving family finally comes along.

Photo by Cindy Brandt

Sugar & Spice

How about a little Sugar and Spice with your Stars and Stripes? Pleasingly plump with calico fur, these two sisters are inseparable and fun to watch. They are just the right size to sit on a lap together and munch a veggie treat or enjoy gentle petting. When they are not exploring and nibbling on delicious grass hay, they are taking a nap together. Sugar & Spice are young girls, just over 1 year old and would make delightful, new family members.

Photo by Cindy Brandt