Bunny And Guinea Pig of the Month January 2019

Pepe & Bun, James Bun

Pepe & Bun, James Bun are best buddies who are a little shy, but very sweet! Pepe is white w/black; Bun, James Bun is a dapper white w/ grey. These handsome gentlemen both have a curious nature, and enjoy checking everything out during exercise time. They have incredibly soft coats perfect for petting, and are ready to start the new year off by finding their forever home together.


G-Force is truly a force of nature! He is an active and engaging young piggy who enjoys a good cuddle, and won't say no to a treat or two. He is fast on his feet and is a busy boy, but when he does slow down, he appreciates attention from adoring humans. In addition to all these wonderful traits, G-Force has beautiful markings, and a very shiny coat - what more could any prospective adopter want!