Bunny And Guinea Pig of the Month February 2020


Ginny is a beautiful Rex breed bunny with an amazing coat, and what a sweetie!  This wonderful bunny is highly social and always appreciates attention and treats.  She is a very active girl who really loves her exercise time, and when she does slow down, her large size offers plenty to cuddle. Ginny is looking for a loving adopter and the forever home she so richly deserves!


Bob is the new pig in town, having only recently arrived at BUNS, but he’s already breaking hearts! This piggy boy is handsome and sweet! As if that weren’t enough, he also has a beautifully colored coat and is a nice size. He appreciates being made to feel safe, as he is a little timid, which only adds to his wonderful character. Even though he appreciates the wonderful care he is receiving at BUNS, Bob is hoping to find his forever home soon!