Bunny And Guinea Pig of the Month February 2019

Miss Fluffy

Miss Fluffy really stands out in a crowd due in part to her amazing coat, which is a beautiful variety of black, grey and cream, and true to her name, fluffy and very soft! She's not just a pretty face either - this honey bunny is a calm and sweet girl who is equally at home sitting in a lap or enjoying time in her exercise pen. Miss Fluffy is sure to steal the heart of some lucky human, and she hopes to spend Valentine's day in a loving, forever home.

Bessie and Ruby

Bessie and Ruby are an adorable mother and daughter pair. Mom Bessie is a Teddy breed piggy, and daughter Ruby is an American breed mix - both real cutie-pies! Bessie is a joy to hold, and sometimes she rewards with kisses! Ruby is never far from mom, and both dote on each other - it is wonderful to watch their loving devotion, and this sweet duo still have love to spare for their future adopters!