Bunny And Guinea Pig of the Month December 2016


Carlton came to the shelter with a bad case of mites, but look at him now - such a handsome boy! Carlton is a mellow fellow; very easy-going and friendly.  Lounging on laps while munching a baby carrot is one of his favorite pastimes. Carlton is looking for a home where he can have his little ears pet and be fed fresh hay and veggies forever.

Photo by Cindy Brandt


Update: Aloha was adoped!

Pet Aloha and all your stress disappears; her soft, velvety fur is delightful to the touch.  Aloha is a big girl who is a little shy but friendly. She welcomes visitors into her exercise area and enjoys one-on-one attention. Aloha will make a delightful house bunny companion.

Photo by Cindy Brandt