Bunny And Guinea Pig of the Month August 2016


Pretty Violet is blossoming into a lovely girl. Just a few weeks ago, when she arrived, she was afraid of her own shadow.  Now, she will curiously approach you from the back of her hutch and even stretch out and relax in your lap – especially if you offer ear strokes and cilantro. Becoming more trusting every day, Violet’s sweet and sensitive personality is starting to show. Stop by and say hi to Violet. 

Photo by Cindy Brandt


Oreo may be pint-sized but he has a gallon-sized personality. Smart and outgoing, Oreo is an alert little guy who doesn’t want to miss anything going on around him.  He's OK with lap time, but will let you know when he wants to move on by gently nibbling on you.  Oreo is high energy; watch as he jumps off his pigloo and runs laps in his exercise pen. If you are looking for a cute little home companion, full of energy and opinions, Oreo would be perfect!

Photo by Cindy Brandt