DIY Litter Rack

Here's a do-it-yourself (DIY) easy, and inexpensive way to enhance your litter boxes for rabbits and guinea pigs. It reduces odor and keeps hay fresher for longer!

Step one is to use a safe absorbent layer under the hay. Aspen (wood) chips are great at absorbing the odor and moisture from your pet's waste. Paper litters, like unscented Yesterday's News or Carefresh, are more expensive but also more absorbent.  Pine or cedar shavings might seem like a cheap option, but the oils in the wood release vapors which damage the liver.  

Here are great articles with more details on safe and unsafe litter choices:

A layer of chips at the bottom of a plastic litter pan (typically about 18" x 15" x 5") does a good job at keeping the box fresher, but it tends to mix with the chips and get messy. This leads to step two; keeping the layers tidy.

An everyday rack used to cool cookies can be used to separate the hay from the chips. In each of the rack's four corners, use zip ties to attach a riser made by cutting a 1" wide section from a 2" diameter platic pipe. To prepare the litter pan, layer the bottom with 1 or 2 inches of wood chips. Place the rack with the risers pointing down, nestled in the chips. Pile lots of hay atop the rack. The rack lets moisture down where it will be absorbed by the wood chips, keeping the hay fresher for longer and reducing overall odor. Paper or wood litters are compostable, so your garden will be happy too!

Click on the pictures below to see the various components:

1 - all 2 - pipe zip saw 3 - connect side 4 - connect - top 5 - chips 6- bins

Here are links where you can purchase the items needed.  Remember to support BUNS on Amazon smile if you order!

  • rack, set of 2 = $8 []
  • zip ties, pack of 100 strong ones = $4.50 []
  • pipe, 2 feet of 2 inch diameter plastic pipe = $5 []
  • saw, Hack saw = $3 []
  • bins, approximately 18.5" x 15" x 5" = $5 []
  • chips, Kaytee Aspen Bedding for Pets, 1250 cubic inches (20 Liters) Expands to 3200 cubic inches (52 Liters) = $12 []
  • hay, Get from BUNS by the flake = $5